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Throughout history, there have been children who have changed our world through their good actions. Some have mobilised millions for a good cause; others have moved us by their generous and hopeful view of humanity. Children have proven that it's never too early to think big: they have more creativity and look at the world with wonder and curiosity.

During the festival, students will explore the lives of children who have changed the world or are fighting to change it now. The 'Children for Change' come from a diverse range of backgrounds and have helped to change the world in a positive way. They stand as examples of courage and integrity.

By the end of the festival, the companies of performers will have:

  • Explored the lives and work of children who have made a positive change to the world

  • Learnt techniques and ways to create a devised piece of drama

  • Performed a devised piece of drama to an audience as a part of an ensemble 

  • Participated in workshops that explore the work of theatre practitioners and theatre companies

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